The Banshee and the Linebacker

The Banshee and the Linebacker Could she betray him save his life Always the good girl TARA is a typical high school cheerleader dating a nice guy football player She s typical that is except for the fact that she s a Banshee wh

  • Title: The Banshee and the Linebacker
  • Author: Patricia Mason
  • ISBN: 9781452436722
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Could she betray him save his life Always the good girl, TARA is a typical high school cheerleader dating a nice guy football player She s typical, that is, except for the fact that she s a Banshee who gets premonitions of other people s deaths When Tara sees her boyfriend, LIAM s, death in an upcoming game, Tara vows to do anything she can to save his lifeeven iCould she betray him save his life Always the good girl, TARA is a typical high school cheerleader dating a nice guy football player She s typical, that is, except for the fact that she s a Banshee who gets premonitions of other people s deaths When Tara sees her boyfriend, LIAM s, death in an upcoming game, Tara vows to do anything she can to save his lifeeven if it means cheating on him with his bad boy twin brother, KEAGAN Can she change Liam s fate And if she does, will her own change with it Author note Since The Banshee and the Linebacker is a 16500 word novella, it is intended to be a complete story but much shorter than a full length novel The Banshee and the Linebacker can be enjoyed and finished in one sitting An excerpt of my full length urban fantasy paranormal romance, Entanglements, is included at the end of the eBook

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      Patricia Mason writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance under the name Patricia Mason and young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy She escaped from the snowy Midwest winters of her youth by moving in 2001 to a beautiful, historic city in Georgia to pursue her dream of being a novelist Her home is ruled by two black cats For titles by the author, visit prmason You can also follow the author prmason on Twitter.

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    • Why, oh, why do I insist on torturing myself with these free ebooks? And WHY did this story get an average of 4 stars??The problems1) The characters. The three main characters in this novella are so over-the-top stereotypical, it's not even funny anymore. The "good" girl dating the "good" brother but is secretly attracted to the "bad" brother. And the reason that the "bad" brother is so "bad" is because the parents made him that way. Seriously? I get that the length of this story didn't really l [...]

    • I have to say for a short story I really got invested in the characters, got a very clear picture as to who each character was and was totally smitten with Keegan. I do love me a bad boy who needs saving :) For a freebie (at the time) it was very good and would make me look at what else this author has written :)

    • Whenever I begin reading something by P.R. Mason, I have a problem: I can’t put my Kindle down! The Banshee and the Linebacker is no exception. The story involves a love triangle between two high school brothers and a girl who can sees the death of any person she touches. As usual with Mason, everything – the action, the characters – sucks you in! And, while reading, your new reality seamlessly becomes the fantasy Mason creates. As a side note, I also enjoy that the setting of the story is [...]

    • A terrific story. This book is young adult but I recommend it for everyone of any age. It keeps you interested and wondering what will happen…right up to the very end of the book. Hard to put down!

    • The Banshee and the Linebacker by P.R. MasonKeagan & Liam are fraternal twins. Liam is the beloved twin that his father is extremely proud of while Keagan is the bad boy that is always being looked down upon. When Keagan is sent to a different school he joins the football team and Liam is already on his. They are about to play the game of their life when not only are their rivaling schools about to play each other but the brothers have never been more at odds. Tara is a Banshee. She has visi [...]

    • An interesting and somewhat reading experience! Honestly I was surprised how much I enjoyed this one. I really can’t put my finger on what it is about this one that I enjoyed so much – there’s actually quite a bit of content that usually annoys me to an extent.It pulled me in pretty quickly (which is probably a good thing, considering the length), and I stayed well within it until I was finished. The characters were both enjoyable and annoying. But when they were annoying, it was in a good [...]

    • The Banshee and the Linebacker by: P. R. MasonMy review: Can you live knowing when the people you love will die? What would you do to save their lifes and change their fate? Well meet Tara; a girl that is a banshee and her power is to sense tragedy, dead; bad things, not happiness. She's in high school and is inbetween two hot twin; Liam her current boyfriend is the sun in the body of a cute, perfect in school, family and relationship body and soul; where Keagan is a cloudy storm and hot sin and [...]

    • This should be 2.5 stars. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. It is a fun, fluffy, easy short read that is fairly well written, concise and to the point with characters I could relate to. YA romance always annoys me because teen emotions are so all-over the place and they make such dumb decisions. Honestly, most YA authors don't give their teen characters nearly enough credit. I did like that this author didn't take the story in the direction it was seemingly going (view spoiler)[(when [...]

    • What an amazing tale. To be honest, this one was misrepresented on . It's a YA paranormal with romantic elements, not a paranormal romance, but it's a great story. Tara has an unusual gift as a Banshee - she can see when and how someone's going to die. This makes it difficult to have a boyfriend. But she found Liam and he's safe. He'll die as an old man. His fraternal twin brother Keagan, on the other hand, will die in a fiery motorcycle crash. Until Tara touches him and realizes he's destined t [...]

    • This is more like a short story than a book. The main issue I have is that the author doesn't understand what a banshee is which is a feminine spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Other world. In the mythology that I am aware of if you hear a banshee or it jumps on your back you are going to die. In this poorly researched story the banshee in question is actually a physic who can see people's deaths. The fact that the girl has been dating one broth [...]

    • Despite the truly awful title of this book, it was pretty good.In some ways this is perfect as a short story, it doesn't drag on and on, and there's less emotional turmoil (and therefore less droning on and on about it). I do think it could have been longer; a bit more explanation re: banshees but overall this is good length-wise.The most cringeworthy part of this book for me was the stereotypical characters - WHY oh WHY does every boyfriend have to be on the football team? And whyyyy does she h [...]

    • I didn't get very far before the book completely lost me. Most of what I read revolved around the main character's monologue about how wonderful her football playing boyfriend is. She monologues about how grateful she is that he has a long life ahead of him. As soon as she started in about her status of virginity and how confused - but afraid - she was, how she wonders how long her boyfriend will stay faithful to her because she won't sleep with him (yet), I knew this book is not at all close to [...]

    • This may contain spoilers??This book is about Tara, Liam, and Keagan. Tara is a banshee and she sees how and when people will die when she touches them. Liam and Keagan are twins, and Tara is dating Liam. She sees how both guys die, and wants to change the outcome, because she has visions of both dying soon in different scenerios. In doing this she realizes that she may be with the wrong guy. I did not like exactly how this story went. Not a lot of consideration was put into Liam's feelings, or [...]

    • What kind of parents does Keagan have? Seriously? They're blaming him for that happening? Are you serious? No wonder Keagan is like that Liam is not really that good He's like his parents Making Keagan's life hellAs for Tara, at least she chose the right man for her The other one was not really that supportiveOverall, the story was good It's not really exceptional, just right =)Happy Reading!!!

    • I totally loved the aspect of Banshee's, who are able to see the moment a person died. But this isn't used to it's full in the story. Because it's a bit short (only 50 pages) the story didn't delve in it and stayed on the surface. Such a shame, it could have been so interesting.Furthermore there's not much character developing or any developing at all because of the shortness in pages. It felt a bit rushed for me too fully enjoy the story.

    • Absolutely loved this book. It was so sweet and romantic. The story is very short but it sucks you in from the very beginning and you can't stop reading it (trust me, I tried). It's only about 50 or so pages. I got it for free and again I LOVED it but with it being so short I don't know if it's worth paying 99 cents for. But still so good =)

    • A cute short story about high school kids. There is some language and the kids talk about having sex but the overall idea of it is that a good guy will wait.

    • I enjoyed this but I think it could've been better as a full length book. It's a very quick read which is perfect for when you have an extra half and hour spare.

    • Very short read . But good liam was a little bit pushy , but keegan was everything tara needed . I liked that keegan cared about her and didnt want to push her into something she would regret.

    • Such a great novella! A very quick read. All of the main characters interested me and I was anxious to see how it all played out. I only wish it were longer.

    • I loved this story. I was drawn into it from the first page & didn't want to put it down I didn't!! I read it all in one sitting & loved the ending too.

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