Amy Lynn

Amy Lynn Do you grip tightly to the bannister as you descend stairs or do you skydive Do you drive the speed limit with both hands on the wheel or do you look for an open road to see what she ll do Why are you

  • Title: Amy Lynn
  • Author: Jack July
  • ISBN: 9781630011703
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Do you grip tightly to the bannister as you descend stairs or do you skydive Do you drive the speed limit with both hands on the wheel or do you look for an open road to see what she ll do Why are you the way you are What about our men and women in the military Most are little than teenagers yet perform with such majesty Where do we get these young men and womeDo you grip tightly to the bannister as you descend stairs or do you skydive Do you drive the speed limit with both hands on the wheel or do you look for an open road to see what she ll do Why are you the way you are What about our men and women in the military Most are little than teenagers yet perform with such majesty Where do we get these young men and women What shaped them I introduce you to Amy Lynn Braxton, a little twelve year old girl from the rural south In this romp through a young girls life we learn all about who she is, what she is and how she got there Snapshots of Amy s life and those who surround her are captured in scenes of love, hate, sadness, joy, violence, forgiveness, and good verses evil You will understand this little girl better than you understand yourself This story will make you laugh, cry, cheer and most importantly, think Amy Lynn will be unlike anything you have ever read.

    • Amy Lynn - Jack July
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      Jack July is a married father of two living in N W South Carolina After graduating High School he enlisted in the in the US Navy where he was an aviation electronics technician on the F 14 Tomcat Upon his discharge he earned Millwright Journeyman status while working construction in the steel mills in Gary Indiana Looking for work he found a home for almost twenty years at Harley Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee Wisconsin He resigned from Harley Davidson to chase a life long dream of being a Middle School math teacher While at Harley Davidson he earned his Bachelors degree The professors at Cardinal Stritch University noticed his unique writing style and made positive, motivating comments After attempting several short stories during a stint of unemployment, he decided to write his first novel Over his lifetime he has undertaken eclectic hobbies Jack built and raced his own late model stock car until it interfered with his family life He took flying lessons, found that to be boring then learned to skydive and became an instructor He is currently working on his third Novel The Lady of Castle Dunn.

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    • Straightforward writing and plain as life characters make this a good solid read. Growing up in rural Alabama, Amy Lynn Braxton is a very grown-up little girl who has taken up the responsibilities of running the household since her mama died. She has a big heart and is a good worker, she takes care of her little brother, does the farm chores and helps out her grandma with her garden. Amy likes to fish and hunt, and she dotes on Dr. Pepper and moon pies. She is brave and strong and fierce, and sh [...]

    • I didn't place this on any shelf as I find it hard to actually differentiate. I bought the book for my Kindle and was drawn in right away. It opens as an absorbing tale of our young protagonist "coming of age" and learning about being a woman from Aunt Carla Jo and how to survive from the men in her life.I don't know, I want to like this book more than I do and I do think that after a period of time I may go back to it and do a reread. The story of her Navy life, the picture of life among the wo [...]

    • This is why I read indies! Amy Lynn is rich and vast and witty and wise. It's the tale of a good, strong Alabama girl and the unique, remarkable people in her life who shape her as she grows into a woman.As a girl, Amy Lynn Braxton suffers through some horrible events, any one of which could dispirit a weaker person and twist them into a hopeless, dehumanized wretch. But Amy is big-hearted, smart, and hard-working, and she is blessed with a strong, loving family. When tragedy strikes, she works [...]

    • Holy smokes this book was out-and-out fantastic. The story was by turns charming, moving, engaging, exciting, and intense. The characters, especially the main character and the others who are with us from the beginning of the book, are so well developed you feel like you know these people personally.I really hope the author is writing or planning to write more books because I haven't enjoyed a book this thoroughly in quite some time.

    • I really loved this story!!!! So much so that I haven't been able to start another book. I'm not really ready to let go of Amy Lynn.

    • It's been quite some time since a book grabbed my attention as immediately & thoroughly as Amy Lynn did! I lost 2 nights sleep whilst reading this, as I just couldn't put it down, once I got reading!From the very start, the characters will grab your heart, and you feel as if you know them almost as well as family. Amy Lynn is a young 12-year-old child when the story begins, and it is a joy to follow her through her life. Her family members are as likable as she is, and it is clear what influ [...]

    • 4.5 StarsOne very powerful drama about a young girl shackled with burdens (from the age of seven) that would break most adults. Seeing her face the hardest of lives with the stoutest of hearts will make you feel like a wimp for all your complaining about whatever it is you’re going through, but it will also give you courage and hope and the wherewithal to press on as you soak in what she has to teach you. Her journey and her life only gets harder just when you thought that wasn’t possible, j [...]

    • I want to first start off by saying that I won this book on GR.This is not normally the type of book that I would read, maybe one that I would pick up and eventually, when I had time, go through a chapter or two. There was no putting this book down for me after the first 3 pages. Very rarely does a book pull me in so far that I fall in love with characters. I have to say that this book was beautifully written and I would read anything that Jack writes.I don't want to spoil this book or the plot [...]

    • Amy Lynn actually does some things that are straight up horrifying. They're necessary. They make sense but they aren't pretty. Then again, given the circumstances it makes sense. Amy has seen some of the worst things that humanity is capable of and always bounced back. On the other hand, those things have left marks on her soul. When she does what she does it's shocking but it feels right. It's in character and it fits her background and situation. It leaves the reader sickened and wanting to ce [...]

    • When I wrote this I had no idea anyone would read it much less like it. 78 out of 92 reviews on are 5 stars. Apparently someone likes it. I didn't write to get rich, I wrote to get well. Many parts of it are very personal although names, dates and places have been changed. I have never tried to acquire an agent or publisher, it is self published through createspace. Those "professionals" that have read it, like it but can't classify it because it has no genre. It obviously is that original. Mak [...]

    • This book was self published by an up and coming author.I did not know if I would like this series of books. but I was told by many people that I would really like them. I gave it a try using a borrowed copy. I thought the book started a little on the slow side. but I was made to promise to keep reading that I would like the book. and they were right. after the story took off i could not put it down. I bought the second book on Kindle so I could keep reading the story line. It is a story about a [...]

    • I love this book. It took me a couple of chapters to get really interested, but once I did, I couldn’t put it down, and then I immediately tore through the sequels.Amy Lynn is a delightful tomboy who, at 12 years, is subjected to some of the hardest horrors the world has to offer. With the help of her uncle, a special forces veteran, she learns to protect herself and overcome, and embarks on a path to bring justice to some of those who need it most.The character development is excellent, with [...]

    • I liked this book very much. When the author tells you about the characters you know them. Those who read politics into this book aren't reading it for the pure pleasure of the story. This is a about a young girl growing up as the woman of the house without her mother and with other loss and tragedy in her life. It's about the love of family and extended family that holds them all together. It has been said that "what is legal isn't always right and what is right isn't always legal" and that hol [...]

    • Amy Lynn is very well written and fascinating. The plots within plots, or rather how the main plot comes back to something in the past at times or to something that happened to another character previously is almost Clancy-esque. The Southern flavor of parts of the book is reminiscent of Fanny Flagg. However, the book and the story defy simple descriptors.As a first novel, it's a home run. Seriously. I was very pleased and riveted (and occasionally shocked) by the story. I sincerely hope Jack Ju [...]

    • I blame Amy Lynn for a sleep-deprived week night. I guess it was my fault for thinking I could read a few chapters a day, since it's a big fat brick of a book.It's just that, as soon as I meet Amy Lynn as a poor kid on a small farm in Alabama, I was captivated. She's precocious, plucky, and extremely loyal. It's a joy to watch her grow up until something truly terrible happens to her as a teen. It's something that shapes her, or maybe stunts her, at any rate it determines the kind of adult she g [...]

    • Jack July’s debut novel is a winner. Why? Because he sucks you into the story from the first page, introduces you to characters real enough that within a few chapters you feel like they’re your friends, and then takes you and them on a ten-year ride you won’t soon forget.Amy Lynn Braxton is the country girl next door, and yet she’s like no one you've ever met. In this novel you’ll follow her life from age 12 to adulthood, but it’s not just a typical coming of age tale. Indeed, life t [...]

    • I must admit, I felt trepidation over reading a book named after its main character, but you can’t judge a book by its name. However, combined with the cover of a little girl with an assault rifle, you can judge a book by its cover.As suggested by the above, Amy Lynn is no ordinary girl, yet she somehow transcends into an every girl, in which anyone can relate to at least one of her experiences, but probably not all. During the first third or so, I would make the book mandatory reading for any [...]

    • It's a powerful story, simply told. I enjoyed this novel very much. It's an engaging coming-of-age tale that feels honest in an emotional and a factual sense. Once I started it, I really didn't want to put it down. Mr. July's a hell of a story-teller, and the world he shared was a place I wanted to spend more time in."A powerful story, simply told" is high praise from me. As a reader, I'm much more interested in characters and what happens to them than I am by the artifice of literary language u [...]

    • Amy Lynn was a terrific read. In addition to Amy, a proud, yet humble and innocent child, there are many other well written and engaging characters, most of whom I loved, some of whom I hated, and a few that I'm looking forward to learning more about, in the upcoming sequel. This story was engaging from the first chapter, but the twists and turns it took throughout Amy's adolescence and young adulthood were almost mesmerizing. I like books that stay with me after the last word has been read, boo [...]

    • I read this, intrigued by the reviews. So many five stars. I read this to understand more about southern 'redneck' culture and the mindset of small town, southern, US mentality. The author degrades his writing ability, yet he writes well. Engaging and engrossing. I found it very easy to read, descriptive and well delivered.My view on southern US mentality was only enforced by the tale, and more so by the large number of positive (patriotic) reviews attributed to a book and story well told, but p [...]

    • This was an impulse buy after noticing a recommendation for the book on . I read a few good reviews and decided the book wasn’t too expensive so I gave it try, I am so pleased I did. This is the best story I have read this year.Some aspects of the book are a bit irritating, mainly the overblown partisanship, but this doesn’t detract from Amy’s story, which starts with her as a sweet 12 year old and followers her trials until she turns into a sort of feminine ‘Jack Reacher”The best reco [...]

    • I enjoyed this book immensely, and that is saying a lot because it isn't the style of book I usually read. I'm more of a science fiction/fantasy/ escapist literature kind of guy. That being said, Amy Lynn, the title character is a deeply engaging girl who becomes an admirable young woman. She is deeply imbued with tradition American and Christian value by her tight-knit Southern family. She endures many hardships, some horrific, but emerges a stronger better person every time. After you read thi [...]

    • Watching this novel grow from when it was a glimmer in Jack's eyes has been a treat. There have been rough patches just like in Amy's life. But like Amy, those obstacles have been overcome.Now Amy seems destined for nothing except staying in the back woods until her aunt helps her realize what her potential really is. After that awakening, good gosh Amy is like a comet changing lives as she zooms by. One life most changed of course is her own. Engaging, compelling, tragic; all of that is here pl [...]

    • Coming-of-age story of a young girl in the South. Bad things happen in her life that force her to grow up quickly and become strong. There are bad guys in the story but they usually meet a pretty ugly end. A really terrific story with great characters, couldn't put it down. There are two sequels I'll have to check out.

    • This is a remarkable gem in the rough, an amazing debut novel. It starts out as a coming-of-age story steeped in the rural South and then unfolds gracefully into a first-class action packed thriller. The character writing is outstanding and there are many memorable characters.

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