This Time with Love

This Time with Love THIS TIME WITH LOVE is book in the Christian romance series The McKinleys by bestselling author Kimberly Rae Jordan Follow the stories of Eric Brooke Victoria and Alicia as their present lives ar

  • Title: This Time with Love
  • Author: Kimberly Rae Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THIS TIME WITH LOVE is book 1 in the Christian romance series The McKinleys by bestselling author, Kimberly Rae Jordan Follow the stories of Eric, Brooke, Victoria and Alicia as their present lives are impacted by decisions and events in their past This heartwarming series of love, faith and family is sure to inspire and move you Six years ago, a new found faith changedTHIS TIME WITH LOVE is book 1 in the Christian romance series The McKinleys by bestselling author, Kimberly Rae Jordan Follow the stories of Eric, Brooke, Victoria and Alicia as their present lives are impacted by decisions and events in their past This heartwarming series of love, faith and family is sure to inspire and move you Six years ago, a new found faith changed Anastacia Stapleton s perspective on her life and relationship When the man she is living with refuses to consider marriage, she knows she has to end things with him Realizing that she can t continue to live the way she has in the past, Ana runs away from LA and its temptations to the one place her boyfriend had said he d never go Minneapolis, Minnesota As Ana Stapleton becomes Staci Moore, she feels secure in the life she has created for herself and the child she hadn t realized she carried when she left LA Eric McKinley had abandoned the faith of his childhood when he was still in his teens, but after enduring a life changing trauma, he finds himself once again turning to God This change of heart prompts him to return to the family he d become estranged from years ago Though he thought he had put Ana Stapleton and his feelings for her firmly in his past, Eric realizes nothing could be further from the truth when he runs into her at a singles retreat over the New Year Coming face to face with Eric and the emotions of their past relationship has Staci contemplating another disappearance hopefully before he learns of the child she never told him about Six years and many counseling sessions later, Staci knows that what she and Eric shared in the past had been anything but healthy Even as she tries to resist his presence in her life, her heart is drawn to him once again She can see the changes in Eric, but Staci is scared of reverting back into the person she d been when they had been together As Eric learns about the depth of pain Staci endured as a result of their relationship, he tries to make things right, but will it be enough to help her trust him again Or will his role in her life never go beyond father to the child they share together Other books in the McKinley series by Kimberly Rae Jordan This Time with Love Eric s story Forever My Love Brooke s story When There Is Love Victoria s story

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      Kimberly Rae Jordan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the This Time with Love book, this is one of the most wanted Kimberly Rae Jordan author readers around the world.

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    • So let me start this off with saying I'm horrible at remembering to write reviews even if I love the book. It's even harder to remember if they are in a series and I have easy access to them. As a book lover I read all kinds of things. My taste are very eclectic. So being drawn to these books aren't surprising. Now I'd like to say this isn't my first Kimberly Rae Jordan book/series. I've read several and what I'm going to say about this book goes for the other books I've read from her.As a Chris [...]

    • Kimberly Rae Jordan is one of my absolute favorite authors - I am a sucker for in depth characters and she ALWAYS develops the characters so that you feel as though they are real people that you know. What a wonderful story of what God can do when you relinquesh control to Him and how things happen in life can come full circle. I really enjoyed Staci and Eric's story and how love developed and evolved to include Sarah. This family will face some trials in the upcoming series and reading this boo [...]

    • Although Staci and Eric did not communicate well, this story shows that we do have to make ourselves vulnerable to our spouses in order to reach the deep soul-mate type of love God intends for us to share. This parallels our vulnerability to God when we completely surrender everything to him. This was a well-written realistic story and an enjoyable read.

    • Wonderful story about two wounded but hopeful people. I was impressed by the perfect pacing of this story. The author painted a picture with her words and conveyed emotion without being too long winded. It flowed nicely. I look forward to more in this series.

    • I know this is a fictional story however I felt/thought some of the themes ran deep to the core. Special needs, generational sin, parenting legacy, healing n waiting on God. I do believe God does direct me to books to read to reach/show me his ways for my life. Thanks for this novel Kimberly.

    • Very movingA passionate tale of faith and trust in God overcoming all a Christian who has made mistakes I saw much of myself in this story.

    • ExcellentWhat a wonderful story of love lost and found! So frustratingly real, you couldn't help but submerse yourself in the tale. Well son e!

    • Another tearjerker Kimberly Rae Jordan has a way of pulling at your heartstrings with her well-developed characters and intense story lines. Read at your own risk.

    • Enjoyable experienceI enjoyed reading this book very much.I just loved the Christian feel of the book.It is a pleasure to read. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

    • Well done book. The plot was interesting even with all the do-overs the story required. The characters were strong and filled with history. The issues involved were complex and required work to fix. Another good part of the series.

    • This was a great story about second chance love. I loved that the characters weren't portrayed as perfect! They had lived together six years ago, but Ana became a Christian and left him when she realized he never planned to get married. She changed her name to Staci Moore and moved to Minnesota - the last place he said he would ever live.Eric has gone through a traumatic experience and has returned to the faith of his youth. He also has moved back to Montana and is surprised to run into "Ana" wh [...]

    • Wonderful Sweet Love StoryThis is a wonderfully sweet live story, Staci and Eric knee each other and and had a relationship when they lived in LA, Staci became as Christian and wanted to move forward in their relationship not just live together but Eric did not want that so she left. They meet up again at a Christian singles retreat and Staci can't believe she is setting Eric there he has come back to his faith, she is worried that Eric hasn't changed and she did not tell him he was a father, th [...]

    • First of all, I really appreciated the fact that this was not the standard sappy Christian book. Yes, faith in God was an undertone, but it wasn't overly demanding like I've seen in other books. I appreciated the cleanliness of the book and the fact that all the characters were well-created and well-supporting of one another.While the book is good, it isn't a favorite. (That's not a slam towards Kimberly Rae Jordan, just so you know.) It simply isn't a gripping enough tale to warrant a spot on m [...]

    • This was an adequate Christian romance. The characters were okay and the storyline was more interesting than most. This book tried to delve into complex modern relationships caused by our deteriorating American morality. It would have been better if the author didn't switch between the two main characters' POV, because while readers of this genre probably expect happy endings, at least there would be a higher level of tension and some doubt as to the outcomes of the character arcs. This book inc [...]

    • Excellently written story. Why is it so hard to express true feelings and be vulnerable with those we love? Another great story of how two people who loved each other had to spend years apart because of their inability to say the words "I Love You!" When Eric and Staci come face to face again after 6 years of being apart, they have to face the truth about who they were, who they are now, and what to do with themselves. They both have secrets and things to work through. Looking forward to the nex [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. I loved how the author included the characters two very different pasts in the midst of this romance. The incorporation of a daughter with disability made the plot all the more interesting and kept me flipping pages. The constant conclict between the character and the intense mystery in their workforces made a thrilling plot and I would thoroughly reccomend this book. It incorperates all different genres while bringing to life faith, love, and perfection in the light [...]

    • Good Book! I enjoyed reading the story. I love the characters. The book is well written. The book shows we serve a Lord of second chances. It was great to see how in the story they both had made mistakes in the past and as Christians now, the Lord brought them back together for a chance to work things out.

    • This time with loveTruly enjoyed reading this book. Interesting how the childhood you experience can shape how you react as an adult. Both Eric and Stacey had bad experiences and had trouble expressiing their feelings .Luckily with help from family and friends and trust in God, they actually were able to realize that they were worthy of being loved. I give it a definite 5 stars

    • Quite refreshingAnother brilliant book Kimberly Rae Jordan. I read the Blackthorpe Security books first which were very good. The style of this book feels different as it focuses on a different family. Deals with real issues which I could relate in terms of perspective on relationships when one becomes Christian.

    • Maybe it was me, because I started reading this in a busy time of my life when I couldn't just sit down and enjoy, but it seemed to start off kind of slow. And the characters seemed be too "waffly". But once I had a nice chunk of time to finish, I really enjoyed it. A nice story about a couple who comes back together after finding Christ. Should they, or is their past too messed up?

    • I didn't finish this. Same sort of issues I had with Home Is Where the Heart Is--gaps, jerky transitions, assumed knowledge, etc.--but without the interest in the plot and characters to keep me interested.

    • This Time with Love REVIEW A great book. The writer isn't ashamed to prove that doing things the right way is best. She shows how we can't really love without God's love in our hearts. She ties together all family problems and individual ways each one handles them. Great reading especially for young people.

    • Found this series by accident and have become a HUGE fan of Kimberly Rae Jordan. Not sure why she isn't more popular! Her books are exciting, mysterious, and of course have a bit of romance. By the time I finish the book, I can hardly wait to pick up the next one!

    • This Time With LoveVery touching. I read this series as well as the one that follows and decided to read it again. This is the first book and it introduces several characters that you get to know in the other books. A pleasure to read!

    • A great love story.This book kept my interest up to the very end. I've already downloaded the next in the series. Eventually I'll get back to the spinoff series where I started before it was suggested that I read this series first.

    • Enjoyed this book immensely! The issues in it were relevant to the day in which we live. I hurt right along with the main characters in their quest for unconditional love, both received and given. This was a really good story!

    • Staci and Eric's story is truly amazing. The people in this book are all very special people. You will fall in love with Sarah she is a very special little girl. You will feel God working throughout this whole book. The author will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

    • Loved it!This was a wonderful story of love and redemption. I loved how there was no easy solutions, but was written how real life would play out.

    • I'm always surprised by the depth of Jordan's books, I don't know why. But, this was a great tale of forgiveness and redemption. I enjoyed watching Eric and Staci learn to trust each other.

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