Domino Effect

Domino Effect All Books in The Effect Series are Now Available One small movement can impact the rest of your life like a set of dominoes lined up one after another It s not until you step back and see the big p

  • Title: Domino Effect
  • Author: Kristin Mayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All 2 Books in The Effect Series are Now Available One small movement can impact the rest of your life, like a set of dominoes lined up one after another It s not until you step back and see the big picture that you realize the damage you ve done Brandt Mattox had it all love, success, and friends One impulsive wrong decision led him down a path that ended in a pr All 2 Books in The Effect Series are Now Available One small movement can impact the rest of your life, like a set of dominoes lined up one after another It s not until you step back and see the big picture that you realize the damage you ve done Brandt Mattox had it all love, success, and friends One impulsive wrong decision led him down a path that ended in a prison of regrets He now only dreams of the happiness he once had before the consequences of his actions cost him everything He lost his love not just any love, but his soul mate Nikola Kingston has worked hard to keep the past in the past while she focuses on her career and spending time with her grandmother On a random night, she runs into the one man who will forever hold her heart captive Her heart knows she still loves Brandt, but her mind cannot forget the dreadful night that cost her the love of her life Will the domino effect of Brandt s and Nikola s decisions be too much to overcome Or will the love they never thought they would get back have an everlasting effect The Effect Series Reading Order Book 1 Ripple Effect Book 2 Domino Effect Other Books by Kristin Mayer Trust Series All Available Book 1 Trust Me Book 2 Love Me Book 3 Promise Me

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      Kristin Mayer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Domino Effect book, this is one of the most wanted Kristin Mayer author readers around the world.

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    • So the cover is what first caught my attention. I thought it was stark and probably hid a fabulous story inside its covers, and I was right. Domino Effect started off slow for me. I wasn't aware this was the second book in a series, but that became clear in the initial pages and very shortly thereafter my fear of being perpetually lost while reading this book ended as well. Kristin Mayer brilliantly slid in a small recap that didn't spoil anything from book one that featured different characters [...]

    • Received an ARC for an honest review This series is just getting better and better.Ever since I have opened Ripple Effect, I have been hooked to this series. After Adam and Ainsley, I was strongly anticipating for Brandt and Nikola's as Kristin Mayer has teased me too much on the ending of the first book. Domino Effect did not disappoint me."Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that we recognize them and grown from them."It was a very deep book touching deep issue of drug addiction and trust [...]

    • I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review. Have you ever made a mistake, big or small that changed the course of your life? If you have then you can understand the Domino Effect. One mistake, one moment of indecision, a deliberate path chosen by you that changes everything in your world. Brandt and Nikola were happy, they were in love, and they were forever…until they weren’t. Where did it go so wrong? How did soulmates get torn apart? This is a story of forgiveness [...]

    • There was something about Brandt in Ripple Effect that drew me in. He was my favorite.His story definitely kept me interested.Brandt is a hard worker who through an unfortunate mistake that spirals out of control, lost the woman he lovesNikola is an independent woman who loved Bradnt deeply, until addiction tore her trust apart.This story takes place after their end, when fate brings them back together.See what steps Brandt takes to win his love back, and learn if Nikola can trust him with her h [...]

    • Another beautiful story from our beloved Kristin Mayer. Cocaine drives this couple apart. Brandt regrets everything that he has put Nikola through. Can he prove to her that he has changed and that their love can conquer anything? I laughed, I cried happy and sad tears and I fanned myself. Kristin has a way of stirring emotions. If you haven't read it you should definitely pick it up. Do it. Do it now.

    • Brandt deserved his story. The reason I gave only 3 stars is I felt as though it dragged. Yes there was a lot of sex and what not, but I felt as though the story could have been a tad shorter. Nicole’s grandmama though was emotional. Quite heartbreaking. Adored the dedication in the acknowledgement to those who have felt such sadness. Good, but book 1 was better.

    • AmazingWhat a beautiful book! Romance, forgiveness, sadness and happiness are well described as part of the effects that happens in life!Love the bond and endurance that love shows!! Great book!!! Very emotional!!Great series!!!!

    • One small movement can impact the rest of your life, like a set of dominoes lined up one after another.It’s not until you step back and see the big picture that you realize the damage you’ve done…Brandt Mattox had it all—love, success, and friends. One impulsive wrong decision led him down a path that ended in a prison of regrets. He now only dreams of the happiness he once had before the consequences of his actions cost him everything.He lost his love—not just any love, but his soul m [...]

    • The only thing missing for me throughout this book was that I wanted more of their past to be told about. I think if that was written about there would be more 5STARS then what there is now.Brandt & Nikola are showing us what it truly means to go through thick & thin, come hell or high water, for richer for poorer, in sickness & health, for the good times & the bad times.Nikola had everything that she every wanted right there in her hands. The man of her dreams. The love of her G [...]

    • Nikola is a very forgiving person. When I read the details of what Brandt did to her, I admit that I had a very hard time imagining taking him back. I know that he was all coked out and didn't realize what he was doing. I know that he has been sober for a year. I just don't know that I could have taken him back. I definitely would have forgiven him. Maybe I could have taken him back, but it would have taken me much longer than it took Nikola to even consider it.Brandt really is a good person dee [...]

    • I loved book 1 so much I went straight into book 2. This book is very emotional from start to finish. It’s a story of love, loss, regret, sacrifice, lies and second chances. Brandt has regretted his choices for a long time and he hates that he has lost the love of his life Nikola but when fate steps in he takes his second chance. Nikola is living her life one day at a time trying to move forward from the pain and loss of Brandt. She thinks she is doing well until she sees Brandt again and all [...]

    • I really enjoyed this storya lot. Kristin Mayer has a writing style that I love as it flowed very well and kept me interested. This is the second book in a series, however it can be read as a standalone.I felt like the relationship between Brandt and Nikolai was very believable. Not to mention the sex was AMAZING!!! There's a line in the book that says, "There truly was a domino effect to life, one event altering others in ways we couldn’t understand until all the dominos had fallen." No truer [...]

    • Domino EffectWhat a wonderful story of true love. Brandt and Nikola had such a strong connection but drugs tore their world apart, could they find their way back to each other. This book shows how outside forces can effect you and your relationships. There are strong messages in this story which come across quite clearly. Ms. Mayer does such a great job dealing with drug addiction as well as cancer and the strong effects it has on not only the drug addicts and Cancer patients but the loved ones [...]

    • I was given an ARC of this book for a honest review. Domino Effect is the story of Brandt Mattox and Nikola Kingston. Even though this is book 2 in the Effect series, it is a standalone book. Brandt and Nikola were a couple that was the perfect couple who loved each other to the utmost, had great jobs, great friends and were headed to the ultimate life together. Than one bad decision can change everything and cause a domino effect. This their story of how one decision Brandt made had such an eff [...]

    • Brandt broke Nikola's heart when he chose drugs over her many times until the last moment when he shattered it. She had to leave him to save herself. Brandt has lived with the regret of losing her and longs to be with her again as he still loves her. They run into each other one night and it reminds them how much they still love each other. Nikola is fearful of letting him into her life again as she is afraid that she would never recover him turning back to drugs. He will do anything to gain bac [...]

    • The ending packs so much PUNCH. This story is so realistic. It has all of the twists that actually happen in a relationship. In Ripple Effect you are introduced to Brandt who is a recovering drug addict and has lost his girlfriend. Brandt has done so much to turn his life around but never imagined that he could get back the relationship that he had with Nikola. On New Years Eve a woman bumps into Brandt at a bar and the voice is one from his past. This one incident changes everything in his life [...]

    • Domino Effect is Book 2 in the Effect Series by Kristin Mayer. While it can be read as a standalone I think it is better to read Ripple Effect first just to allow your Dominos to stand more sturdy sort of speak. From reading Ripple Effect I knew whatever Brandt did changed the whole course of his life. Nikola regardless of the mistake Brandt made never stopped loving him. While I was reading it the dominos were steady setting up, I wasn't sure at what point they would begin to fall. When I finis [...]

    • O to the M to the G. LOVED this book on so many levels. I love Brandt and Nikola together. Brandt was my favorite from Ripple Effect so getting to read his story made me so happy.Even with all their struggles, you can feel their chemistry and love oozing off the pages of this book. There were points when I was laughing out loud, had a VERY Ugly Cry and was filled with joy as Brandt and Nikki worked their way back to each other, realizing that not only have they changed individually, but as a cou [...]

    • This was with out a doubt the best book by Kristin!!! I ugly cried ALOT! Brandt Mattox lost the love of his life because of a stupid drug addiction. It cost him everything.Nikola Kingston loved Brandt. He was her everything until he broke her heart This book had a lot of very powerful message's in it. Both subjects have personally effect me. The way Kristin wrote about Brant and his addiction was down in such an amazing way. I loved how she kept the ugly part in. She showed how badly drugs not o [...]

    • Soul Mates!Blue Balls, Magic 8 Ball, Tantra Chair oh myis book had everything in it! I loved Brandt and Nikola as a couple. They were strong and in love. They fought for their love! I especially liked that we got to see Adam and Ainsley again. If there is any doubts about soul mates this book cleared it up. When you find true love you continue to fight for it and make it workese two did just that. They learned from their mistakes and fixed them.ey leaned on each other and supported each other. I [...]

    • This book was amazing. It touched so many different subjects. The way Kristin touched on cancer and death from it brought so many tears to my eyes. But then she reminded us that our loved ones wouldn't want us to dwell on the heartache they would want us to remember the good times we had. Then she touched on drugs and what it could & would do to you & your family. This story was about the positive of coming clean and finding your way back to your true love and holding that bond and keepi [...]

    • If you haven't checked out this series and you love contemporary romance you don't know what you're missing. Both series from this author are amazing and they just keep getting better and better.This book puts you through so many emotions. I had moments where I literally laughed out loud, so funny. Then their were tears and ugly crying for their loss. I can not leave out the hot passion these two were so hot i thought they were going to spontaneously com bust before they consummated, then even a [...]

    • Magic 8 Ball says this is a good bookLoved Domino Effect. This was a good powerful story of Brandt and Nikola. Brandt and Nicola are reconnecting after over a year apart when Brandt's cocaine addiction drove them apart and sent him to rehab. This was a beautiful story about forgiveness, trust, inner strength, and of course true love.I still favor Adam and Ainsley's journey more but this was another strong one from Ms Mayer!

    • Can Nikola forgive Brandt for all the hurt that he caused her??? Nicola was just started living life again and then Brandt walks back in and wants another chance to be with her again but Nina wants to fight their love because she doesn't want to get hurt again and she doesn't know if Brandt will turn back to drugs when things get tough again. Can Nikola and Brandt get their happy ever after back?????

    • Another awesome book by Kristin Mayer!Once again I was laughing and crying while reading Kristin's newest book! This is a must read book that was hard to put down. The story put me through so many emotions my family thought I was crazy! I think that Brandt and Nikola's book was the best one so far!

    • BRANDT AND NIKOLABrandt's story was just as good as Adam's. After losing everything except Club Envy and Adam's friendship, he tries to move forward without the love of his life. After a year of clean living he runs into Nikola and their story begins again. Loved this series.

    • love it!Up, down, all around. Those were my emotions throughout the whole book, and I LOVED every minute of it! Wonderful read as always!

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