Oceans Apart

Oceans Apart A riveting story of secret sin and the healing power of forgiveness Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife Michele seem to be the perfect couple living what looks like a perfect life Then a plane g

  • Title: Oceans Apart
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury
  • ISBN: 9780310247494
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • A riveting story of secret sin and the healing power of forgiveness Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife, Michele, seem to be the perfect couple living what looks like a perfect life Then a plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean One of the casualties is Kiahna Siefert, a flight attendant Connor knew well Too well Kiahna s will is very clear before her seven year oldA riveting story of secret sin and the healing power of forgiveness Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife, Michele, seem to be the perfect couple living what looks like a perfect life Then a plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean One of the casualties is Kiahna Siefert, a flight attendant Connor knew well Too well Kiahna s will is very clear before her seven year old son, Max, can be turned over to the state, he must spend the summer with the father he s never met, the father who doesn t know he exists Connor Evans Now will the presence of one lonely child and the truth he represents destroy Connor s family Or is it possible that healing and hope might come in the shape of a seven year old boy

    • Oceans Apart By Karen Kingsbury
      106 Karen Kingsbury
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      Karen Kingsbury, 1 New York Times bestselling novelist, is America s favorite inspirational storyteller, with than twenty five million copies of her award winning books in print Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under development with Hallmark Films and as major motion pictures Her Baxter Family books are being developed into a TV series slated for major network viewing sometime in the next year Karen is also an adjunct professor of writing at Liberty University In 2001 she and her husband, Don, adopted three boys from Haiti, doubling their family in a matter of months Today the couple has joined the ranks of empty nesters, living in Tennessee near five of their adult children.See at authorsmonandschuster K

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    • I seriously hated this book but it was a book club pick so I read it.The story is about an airline pilot who has a wife and two daughters and living a perfect life in Florida. But, his family doesn't know that he had a one-night stand eight years ago in Hawaii on a layover during a hurricane. What he doesn't know is that the chick got knocked up and he has a son. The woman gets killed in a plane crash - she's a stewardess still - and her will states that her son should spend two weeks with his f [...]

    • i will not list all of Karen Kingsburys books, but if you pick up one of them, you will read them all, they are a great way to escape and find how people handle common crisis in life.Awsome author.

    • Had this book focused purely on Max's story, and cut down significantly on the shove-it-down-your-throat God/Jesus/Forgiveness stuff, I would have a) been able to finish it, and b) given it more stars.Basic plot - in 1996, married pilot Connor Evans has a one night fling with air hostess Kiahana while they are both stuck in Hawaii. Kiahana has a son, Max, but doesn't tell Connor as she doesn't want to wreck his marriage. 7 years later, she dies in a plane crash. Her will includes a wish that bef [...]

    • Karen Kingsbury is a master storyteller and I cried way too often while reading this story of forgiveness.While it was a capturing tale. I was disappointed when, as a reader, we learned what happened in Connor's past. I found it wanting, especially on Kiahna's behalf. I felt that Kingsbury had truly developed her character and then blew it apart in a very non-believable way. Yes, we are humans and we all have flaws, but even character's mistakes usually have a reason no matter how crazy or emoti [...]

    • This was a little predictable at times, but I appreciated the lessons that were woven into it. I especially liked a saying of one of the characters in the story - that love happens when you forgive. I haven’t read a Karen Kingsbury before, but it won’t be the last of hers I read.

    • Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife, Michele, seem to have a perfect life. Then a plane goes down and a casualty is Kiahna Siefert, who leaves a seven-year-old son, Max.In Kiahna's will she states that her desire is for Max to spend two weeks with his biological father.The secret Connor had hidden for many years now explodes in his life.My wife and I have fostered many children. Max reminded me of Ryan, a child we had in our home for several months. We instantly bonded and understandably fel [...]

    • I gave this book five out of five stars, because it is a really good book. It also is really easy to read, but I recommend it to all girls, teenagers and adults.I liked this book, because it has a very good theme behind it, and it was really easy to read, like all of Karen Kingsbury's books. This book is about Conner and his wife Michael, and how they have to get through their struggles, while eight year old Conner has to live with out his dead mom. All Conner wants is a dad, and his dog, but al [...]

    • Loved the story, and this book is a wonderful redemption story. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the book. At one point, I greatly feared it would go a different way, but Ms. Kingsbury gave me a fantastic ending. I listened to the audio version and the narrator is fabulous. Happy reading!

    • IndescribableThis is my 1st ever KK book. As a Liberty U alum, I saw that KK received an honorary doctorate this year, 2017. So, I decided to buy this kindle book for $2. I can barely describe in words what this book did to me. KK so vividly described my own journey with death, remarriage and adoption and so much more. I am still in awe. Thank you.

    • I think my problem with this book was the overwhelming perfection of a woman who slept with a married man she was perfection personified love with a man she slept with oncee never had another man after hime birthed a perfect sona 40 year old god trapped in a 7 year old childs body yeah thats the whole setup. the paragon of virtue dies and it so happens his perfect mother seeing fit to never tell her "beloved" one night stand of her pregnancy she leaves a letter to him to keep their son (he has t [...]

    • This book is really amazing. It makes you think more on the right and wrong decisions and it makes you think in faith and if your being loyal to a certain person. It could be a friend,a boyfriend or even a husband if you're married. In this book Conner Evans, a pilot, makes a poor decision that leads to a major concequence. He was a married man with children when he breaks the greatest promise he ever made. He had an affair with a flight attendant named, Kiahna Siefert. He never saw her again. B [...]

    • This book is about how your wrong decision (sin) can come back to get you even after you have moved on and even after 9 years has pasted. Kingsbury is a religious author but I found her most interesting and religious main character was the 8 year old boy. None of the adults seemed to be daily Christians but rather “Sunday only when I can fit Christ in” Christians, except Max’s mom. Found that the theme of forgiveness was ok in the book. I liked the son/father forgiveness storyline but the [...]

    • Likes:* theme of the book was forgiveness and that means you love someone* Max was great and he was easy to love* Max and his mom, Kiahna had a great relationship and you gotta love their song* Connor's father, Lauren, explaining Pilot's Pride to him* butterfly afternoonsDislikes:* infidelity and the hurt and anger it causes* the Christian parts seemed forced into the story and onto the reader, but even though I am a Christian, I do not, as a rule, like Christian fiction* young Max got caught in [...]

    • Typical Karen Kingsbury's -- FANTASTIC. I am an avid Kingsbury fan. This is the story of a man who made a mistake 8 years ago, but what you do in the dark will come out in the light. That is what happened to Conner. Only this mistake stands to break up his marriage and also destroy the lives of his wife and the children involved.Kingsbury always keeps God in the forefront of all her stories. Her point is that when we feel we are truly alone, that is when if we listen we will hear God speaking to [...]

    • It was a good book about sacrifice and what happens when life is full of its worst drama. It's a lot of real life which so far makes it a good read. I would recommend reading it, but know that I don't think I'll be buying it. For me, the subjects and characters angered me longer than the book had enough paper to cover. And while I must say its was a interesting read it still was upsetting and kinda emotional abusive to the reader.

    • This book wasn't about real people, it was about fake people! The author manipulated the characters to her ideal end. It was unnatural and unbelievable and preachy. I gave it a 2 because I like the premise of forgiveness, and the ideal end would have been what I wanted, if only the story had been told more realistically.

    • I got it from the library and decided to give it a try.The writing wasn't the best, but overall it was a good story with a good message of forgiveness. I might read more from this author if i'm in the mood for an easy read.

    • As with all of Karen Kingsbury's books, I loved this one. She tackles tough subjects head on. Having learned about forgiveness the hard way myself, this story was a reminder of the healing power of forgiveness and that the consequences of sin are not limited to yourself.

    • God's plans are not our plans. Forgiveness. Those were the lessons here. This book packs an emotional punch though I think the time frame should have been spread out a bit. In real life humans are stubborn and prideful and it takes us awhile to forgive and know that God has good plans for us.

    • This is probably the sixth time I have read it. Each time I start it, I can't seem to put it down. Love the story of love, healing and forgiveness!

    • This book was amazing. Anything by Karen Kingsbury is great but I really liked this book. If you are struggling with love and acceptance this is the read for you. Be ready for tears of joy.

    • Karen does not disappoint with this beautiful story of second chances. Love is tough but choosing it, with God's help, you can get through anything.

    • Oh the feels. This book had me in tears on behalf of an innocent child, and a wife whose world was turned upside down, as well as for the husband learning to live with the consequences of his descions. It is a fantastic story about the power of forgiveness. I absolutely loved it. Forgiveness is never an easy thing to give to someone who has hurt us in very deep way, but there is power and peace that can come with giving it. As Christians we are called to forgive, but the only way we can do so, i [...]

    • I had to close the book for at least 3 times TO CRY!!! This is much more painful. Much much more!!! I love how the story went and I ended up wanting to wring Michele's neck along the way but hey, I'm not married so I don't really know what a WIFE feels that she thinks that she's been cheated and the sort, and besides the ending wasn't so bad. I know that it will be a happy ending from the start but I didn't know that I have to cry THAT much. Much more tears were shed in this book than when I rea [...]

    • I enjoyed the story and it was easy to read. I read it over 2 days so it was quick too. I consider myself a Christian and like to read Christian novels when they come up, but this one pushes it almost too much - thus the 4 stars instead of 5. The author writes well enough to bring you in and feel the emotions of the characters. I laughed, cried and was so angry at the wife!! I’d recommend if you don’t mind God talking to you on most pages.

    • Forgiveness Amazing book. Definitely tear worthy. It amazes me every time, the way God works in people’s lives. We try to control so much, but it’s not something we truly have the power to do. This book is a wonderful story on exactly that. God works on the heart, and to forgive someone is to find out what love really is. Even in the midst of life’s most painful circumstances.

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