The Betrayals

The Betrayals When Rosie Rankin s best friend has an affair with her husband the consequences reverberate down through the lives of two families Relationships are torn apart Friendships shattered And childish inno

  • Title: The Betrayals
  • Author: Fiona Neill
  • ISBN: 9781405923453
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Rosie Rankin s best friend has an affair with her husband, the consequences reverberate down through the lives of two families.Relationships are torn apart Friendships shattered And childish innocence destroyed.Her daughter Daisy s fragile hold on reality begins to unravel when a letter arrives that opens up all the old wounds Rosie s teenage son Max blames himselfWhen Rosie Rankin s best friend has an affair with her husband, the consequences reverberate down through the lives of two families.Relationships are torn apart Friendships shattered And childish innocence destroyed.Her daughter Daisy s fragile hold on reality begins to unravel when a letter arrives that opens up all the old wounds Rosie s teenage son Max blames himself for everything which happened that long hot summer And her brittle ex husband Nick has his own version of events.As long repressed memories bubble to the surface, the past has never seemed present and the truth murky.Sometimes there are four sides to every story.Who do you believe Told through the eyes of four members of the same family, The Betrayals takes an unflinching look at contemporary family life, explores the nature of memory and desire and asks whether some things can ever be forgiven.Praise for The Betrayals A vivid and insightful portrayal of a family in crisis Neill s writing is incisive and smart A writer and the top of her game I will be telling everybody I know about this book Gillian McAllister, Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of Everything But the Truth I thoroughly enjoyed this brilliantly observed novel about a family in meltdown I have never read anything by Fiona Neill before, but after reading this brilliantly absorbing tale, this is a situation I intend to rectify Kathryn Hughes, Number One Kindle bestselling author of The LetterPraise for Fiona Neill Tapping into the issues of the day this is a novel made for heated book club debates Stylist Sometimes touching, sometimes shocking this cautionary coming of age tale is a thought provoking one Daily Mail Vivid and insightful, and Neill has a trained eye for the pressures and poignancies of modern family life Guardian

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      Fiona Neill is a novelist and journalist She was born in 1966 Her first novel The Secret Life of a Slummy Mummy, based on her column in The Times Magazine every Saturday, was published in 2007 It was widely acclaimed and went on to become a Sunday Times bestseller that sold in twenty five countries Brought up in Norfolk, she now lives in London with her husband and three children.Fiona is presenting a five part series on BBC Radio 4 called Famous Footsteps, starting on January 12th Find out about the series by visiting the BBC Radio 4 website.

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    • Fiona Neill casts a knowledgeable and expert eye on the modern contemporary family as it experiences breakdown and betrayal, with the consequent devastating ripple effects on everyone concerned through the years. This psychological family drama almost feels less like fiction and more like reality, that is how good Fiona Neill's writing is. Rosie Rankin and her best friend, Lisa, are close friends from schooldays. Rosie marries Nick, an academic with an interest in the nature of human memory, and [...]

    • This is the story of two families, and the impact on each member when the husband of one couple has an affair with the wife of the other couple, and the two leave their respective families to be together.I enjoyed this book very much, more so quite frankly, than I expected. I didn't particularly like any character, but I found that this in no way hampered my enjoyment of this book.I thought that some of the narration in the book, in particular Nick talking about Gregorio, really funny and at tim [...]

    • Holy smokes Batman. That book just consumed me totally. I'm baffled I'm the fifth reviewer and the only one yet to give it five stars. This is a powerful, emotional and cleverly plotted novel that is in my short list of Top 17 Reads in 2017.You love dysfunctional characters in novels? Take your pick. So many here to choose from and it made for riveting reading. The writing in this is very clever, there are strong messages everywhere and it hooked and utterly entertained me. Sublime authorship.Th [...]

    • This is a story about family relationships and deception. It tackles some very sensitive topics including adultery, divorce, cancer and OCD. The characters were not particularly likeable but I thought that the writing was very good. I would like to thank NetGalley, Penguin UK - Michael Joseph for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

    • 'The betrayals' by Fiona Neill is a mystery/thriller focussing on 2 best friends and how their lives become entwined, messy and ultimately end in tragedy. 'The betrayals' is told from different POV and Neill has this style mastered. Many novels are telling the story from different character POV at the moment and for most it doesn't work however it suits 'The betrayals' perfectly. The writing style deepens the story by displaying different characters memories and emotions of the same event and on [...]

    • Rosie Rankin's best friend had an affair with her husband. Relationships are torn apart and friendships are shattered. Rosie's daughter Daisy has OCD and when a letter arrives it opens up old wounds. Rosie's son Max blames himself for everything that's happened. Her ex-husband has his own version of events. There are four sides to every story. Who do you believe?The story is told by four members of the same family. The story also covers some sensitive topics. Some included are cancer, OCD, depre [...]

    • Two present day families seem fractured beyond repair. Lisa is now married to her former best friend, Rosie's, husband and has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Rosie, herself, is overwhelmed with work and attempting to piece her family back together again after her husband, Nick's, betrayal. Nick feels distanced from his children's life and wonder if his previous mistakes will ever be forgiven. Their daughter, Daisy, has severe OCD and their son, Max, blames himself for his fissured domestic l [...]

    • With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.I enjoyed Fiona's last book The Good Girl, I have to admit when I saw The Betrayals I requested it before reading the synopsis. I glad to say Fiona did not betray the trust I had in her writing, I loved it.First of all I liked the front cover of this book. If I saw this in a bookshop it would compel me to pick up the book and read. Rosie and Lisa have been best friends since school. Years later Rosie marr [...]

    • I love reading about relationships. The Betrayals captured my attention from the first page right up to the very last word. A husband and wife relationship torn apart. The marriage had been over for years. Rosie's husband Nick hadn't mentioned Lisa not once and she couldn't bring herself to discuss her husband's betrayal with him. What had wrecked Rosie so much is that she had known Lisa for thirty years before Nick and even before her children were born. How could Lisa do this to her best frien [...]

    • Thank you to Netgalley, publishers and Fiona Neill for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book. You can find my review on both and . On /karenwhittard and on under k.e.whittard from publication date. I hate it when I don't know what to make of a book. The problem that I have is that I absolutely love Fiona's writing style. I find it absorbing. It seems to always suck me in from the first sentence and doesn't let me out [...]

    • **3.5 stars**An engaging and thought provoking modern family drama from Fiona Neill here, with multiple viewpoints about how a family broke down and rearranged itself – a little like no two persons ever read the same book, no two memories are entirely the same.It was a clever way of digging into very emotional subjects, that of divorce and its ripple effects – showing how 4 members of the same family view that time and how it impacted on them both then and now. Fiona Neill writes beautifully [...]

    • DNF @ 63%I really tried with this book and continued reading even when I felt my interested waning. However, I decided to DNF at 63% because I felt a total disconnection to this plot. This story is narrated by mum, dad, son and daughter, so we get each of their truths. However, I felt there were too many strong themes taking place to explore any of them in detail (adultery, divorce, mental health, alcoholism, friendships, betrayal, cancer), and this keep me at a distance from the events taking p [...]

    • Did Not Finish - Reading it started to feel like a slog. I was losing interest in the characters, and while there were lots of underlying themes - cancer, ocd, divorce, adultery - I felt like nothing was happening.I'm disappointed as I started off loving the writing and the 4 points of view. But I lost my excitement, and came to the conclusion that this just wasn't a book for me.Thanks to Penguin UK - Michael Joseph for giving me a copy of this book for review consideration. As always, no matter [...]

    • ARC from Netgalley.This is a complex, layered look at two families who have become inextricably linked not just by long-standing friendships and children growing up together, but by an extra-marital affair. The story is told from the perspectives of several of the family members, and each one is unusually well-written. I was particularly drawn to the examination of the young woman who suffers from OCD; I felt that the author dealt with this sensitively and with an impressive amount of insight.Th [...]

    • First and foremost, I have such mixed feelings about this book. I loved the idea behind it (the story of an affair and the way it directly - and indirectly - impacts on four different family members, told through the eyes of each of the four individuals), but wasn't sure whether it really worked in its execution. The writing in Neill's book was absolutely flawless and done in such a clever way, allowing you to really get to know each of the characters and their idiosyncrasies. It was fascinating [...]

    • I found this novel intriguing in parts, but it didn't thrill me. After the first third, I nearly gave up.It has family angst.It has an interesting exploration of traditional and alternative medicine. It explores OCD.I think that the characters are revealed in a clever way. I didn't give up and I'm glad, because it has some twists towards the end.I give thanks to Netgalley and Penguin UK (Michael Joseph) for a copy in exchange for this review.

    • I didn't know much about this book when I sat down to read it - but I was intrigued by the cover and the title. Within the first few pages I was deeply engaged in the characters, the story and most of all in Fiona Neill's wonderful writing.The premise is wonderful - and very well executed. Four different members of one family - which disintegrated seven years before - are forced to look back on the events of the summer when the break up happened. Each of them has their own take on the events whi [...]

    • I only manage to read 50% before I decided to abandon it!This book is sooooooo slow! Good gosh, there was so many times I nearly put it down, but told myself to persevere - I'm wishing I hadn't now! While it is an awesome idea - how can an affair damage the children and their parents - but good gosh it was soooo slow! I don't know if it was the characters ( Good Gosh Max you can see your sister is suffering again, tell someone!! Plus, don't get me started on Nick - you cheated with your wife's b [...]

    • This book started well but then just completely trailed off. I wasn't sure what the point of the book was?!? It had far too many themes that it didn't really work for me. Was it about mental health, lies, memory, betrayal, infidelity??!!??! What was it trying to say. Im unsure. Halfway through this book I would have given it 3 or 4 stars but then it just got slower and slower and went nowhere. Really disappointed considering this book is relatively hyped.

    • The first thought that strikes me as I consider my thoughts about this book is the understanding the author has of psychological disorders. She has clearly spent a lot of time reading up on OCD and the effects the condition has on sufferers and those close to them. This is not a light read but in saying that I did not feel overwhelmed by its content. Each character gets to have their say in turn and I felt it was very well written. My feelings towards each character evolved as each person relate [...]

    • The Betrayals by Fiona Neill a four-sided four-star read. This is the first book by this author, and I am sure it won’t be the last, she has written a compelling and thrilling read. Each of the four main characters in this story have their own story to tell and this author has done a great story at making each voice heard. This story has it all love, betrayal intrigue, and wonder. There is so much going on that you could get lost and get a little overwhelmed as there is so much drama but the a [...]

    • For full review please click here I really enjoyed reading The Betrayals by Fiona Neill. This is the story of a dysfunctional family told by family members each one expressing their own version of events.This book is not your usual thriller. It has heavy themes like cancer, psychological disorders, adultery, how children perceive their parents’ separation… There are some surprises but no great mystery or twist to be revealed in the story really. But it still grips you and is beautifully writ [...]

    • Devoured this it was great but it does lose points for leaving too many unanswered questions It would make a great Book Club choice as I’d have loved to have talked it throughHated Nick what a dick. Loved the insight into OCD

    • All of my reviews can be found at: jacob-reviews-books.he Betrayals is the first book by Fiona Neill which I have read. Fiona explores a family’s troubled relationship in this book and it makes for a gripping read. If you’re a fan of family dramas you definitely need to give this book a go.What I found really interesting about this book was learning about the different perspectives that the character’s had of one another and how their memories of past events differ. Fiona tells the story f [...]

    • YesI received a copy of this book in return for my independent honest review. This is a difficult one to rate and review for me as there were elements I really liked if considered in isolation from the book as a whole. The main theme is a family drama about two families where an affair splits up the two families and how this affects the four adults and their children. This as a whole was OK, nothing new for me. As a fifty something reader I can understand both sides to this happening in a long t [...]

    • I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.This was a very average story which I found to be far fetched.Not for me.

    • There are four sides to this story. Who will you believe?I’m reminded of a former colleague who always said ‘There’s two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle’. Times that by two and that’s very much what we had here. With the narrative switching between Daisy, Max, Rosie and Nick it was easy for the author to manipulate the reader into believing each of them in turn. Of all the characters, Daisy definitely made the biggest impression and I kind of want to know [...]

    • Rosie and Lisa's families have always been the best of friends. That is until one final holiday at Rosie's childhood home on the Norfolk coast when Lisa has an affair with Nick - Rosie's husband. The repercussions blow the two families apart. Eight years later Rosie receives a letter from Lisa and once again, painful memories resurface.The Betrayals is told through the perspectives of four people - Rosie, Nick, their son Max and daughter Daisy. What a wonderfully tangled web it is! Lisa's affair [...]

    • This is the strangest book I’ve read in a long time. I was about a little over a third of the way into the book and thought about putting it aside forever, but something piqued my interest. It’s got too many characters all written in first person. The character speaking is different with each chapter. That wasn’t too difficult to follow after a while but it was a lot. About halfway through the book, the characters go back to something that had happened 8 years ago which was relevant to the [...]

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