Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Belle An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast In author Sarah Price s fresh and inspirational retelling of a beloved classic a dutiful young Amish woman agrees to marry a notorious recluse for her family s sake but the consequences are than eith

  • Title: Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Sarah Price
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In author Sarah Price s fresh and inspirational retelling of a beloved classic, a dutiful young Amish woman agrees to marry a notorious recluse for her family s sake but the consequences are than either bargained for .To most townsfolk, he s known simply as The Beast Annabelle Beiler has little interest in gossip, but she s heard about Adam Herschberger s scars aIn author Sarah Price s fresh and inspirational retelling of a beloved classic, a dutiful young Amish woman agrees to marry a notorious recluse for her family s sake but the consequences are than either bargained for .To most townsfolk, he s known simply as The Beast Annabelle Beiler has little interest in gossip, but she s heard about Adam Herschberger s scars and his gruff, solitary ways Though he sounds like a character from one of Belle s treasured books, the man is real and, it turns out, just as unreasonable as the rumors claim When a buggy accident wipes out the last of her daed s money, forcing him to sell their farm, Adam buys it Then he offers Belle a deal marry him, and her family can keep their home.Everyone is shocked by Belle s decision, but she s determined to be a good fraa, cleaning Adam s rundown house and tending the overgrown garden Breaking through her new husband s icy reserve will be another matter Belle s courage and strength are abundant, but it will take true faith to guide Adam back to the heart of his Amish community and to the loving marriage they both deserve.

    • Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast By Sarah Price
      262 Sarah Price
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      ECPA Christian Fiction Bestseller June 2014, July 2014 Top 100 Author for Books eBooks January 2016, September 2013, August 2013, May 2013, April 2013, February 2013, January 2013, December 2012 The author of over 30 novels, Sarah Price publishes with Realms, an imprint of Charisma House and Waterfall, an imprint of Brilliance Audio Her book, An Empty Cup, was 3 on Top 100 eBooks in January 2016 Follow her on social media Blog sarahpriceauthor Facebook facebook fansofsarahprice.Instagram SarahPriceAuthorTwitter SarahPriceAuthr SarahPriceFAMILY HERITAGEDuring the early 1700s, the Preiss family arrived in America aboard an old sailing vessel called the Patience The family left Europe, escaping Catholic persecution for their Anabaptist beliefs Sarah Price comes from a long line of devout Mennonites, including numerous church leaders and ministers throughout the years.In 1969, Sarah Price was born in Pennsylvania and lived on the land of her ancestors, Johannes Preiss and King Tammany , otherwise known as Tamanend, a chief of the Lenni Lenape nation in the Delaware Valley In the early 1970s, her family moved to Morristown, New Jersey where she still resides with her husband, two children, and assortment of animals.Ms Price has advanced degrees in Communication MA , Marketing MBA , and Educational Leadership A.B.DMs Price was a former full time college professor After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, she now writes full time.

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    • I always have enjoyed reading Sarah Price's books. In this one,Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (An Amish Fairytale) as the title says it is a retelling of fairy tale Beauty and the Beast complete with the heroine's name being Belle,short for Anabelle . Her tinkering father is always inventing things to try to sell to support his family. After a buggy accident destroys his buggy and kills his horse he hasn't the money to support his family. The last of the family's money was put [...]

    • “Just one speck of dust can blind an eye.”A rather fascinating story that explores the idea of love and marriage, duty and faith.Belle's father has driven the family finances into dun territory with his investments in continual failed schemes. At last it seems his 'griller' invention might be a way to break through. Alas his bad luck or serious miscalculation continues. The family is left destitute.Their property is bought by Adam Herschberger, the local recluse who has withdrawn from the Am [...]

    • True confession: I'm a tad shy of giddy over this new series. First off -- I adore fairy tale retellings -- I'm kind of compulsively crazy about them so I get butterflies in my tummy whenever I discover one in the Christian Fiction genre. But to add Amish into the mix? Be still my heart. It won't stop yoyoing around in an ecstatic frenzy because that combination is sweet perfection.Love the seamless way Price has woven inspiration throughout the story. There are many stop-dead-in-your-tracks-and [...]

    • A delightful retelling of a classic story “Beauty and the Beast” and the author does it with an Amish twist.Sarah Price helps us understand that people are fallen, and being a member of a religious community, does not guarantee that they all live their faith. Surprises abound as Belle begins her journey to become Adam’s fraa, from her childhood home to her new married abode, and yes we get to see these through her eyes. You will soon be sweeping and cleaning before you can even move in, an [...]

    • Sarah Price has indeed demonstrated her versatility as an author—writing fine stories of contemporary women's fiction, Amish novels, and re-tellings of exemplary classics combined with the Amish. Her latest, 'Belle' a re-telling of the beloved 'Beauty and the Beast' is not only heartwarming, but includes a much needed lesson for all! Poor Belle. She is the epitome of everything that is good in her Amish community. To enable her impoverished family to keep their home she does something courageo [...]

    • I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Wow! What can I say? Well, whatever I say it could not do this book justice. Belle is a hardworker who dreams of falling in lovejust not right now and definitely not to a man she barely knows. But faced with the decision of marrying Adam Herschberger or going homeless, marrying Adam doesn't seem like such a bad idea. But Adam's secret past and scarred face only tells Belle that there's more to him than meets the eye. But can sh [...]

    • Honestly, all buggies look alike to me. I will have to take more notice the next time I'm in Lancaster.Belle walked? Yikes.Her sisters sound really selfish and childish.I bet Adam lives in the stables.Three hours at church?She sure cries a lot.This is a sad wedding. But I think she should give Adam a chance. He seems to be "interested" in her.I am learning so much about Amish life.He hasn't had anyone to talk to for years. I can understand why he finds her talking annoying.Children learn by exam [...]

    • I like this book. It wasn't as dramatic as I had anticipated but it was a pleasant read. I will probably read the others in the series. It is good to cleanse the palate occasionally with a book that doesn't contain graphic sex and/or violence.

    • * I received a copy of this book via the giveaway *First of all, I knew next to nothing about the Amish. They live in a world which is so far removed from my surroundings. Unfortunately, the only things I did know about the Amish, (besides the obvious stereotypes) I learned from Weird Al’s parody of “Gangster’s Paradise” called “Amish Paradise.” *Facepalm of shame* I was delighted to learn a bit about the Amish community from this novel. While I am no expert to vouch for its authent [...]

    • I have never read an Amish Christian romance novel before. I’ve read a few Christian romance novels before (some a hit and miss) but never anything Amish. Compared to most other novels of the romantic genre, this was a fresh and delightful read. Soothing even.No foul language. No explicit sex scenes. No ungodly amount focus on body parts (chest, eyes, breasts - we’ve all read those novels).It dealt with day to day things that you would find in any small town. Pettiness, resent, gossip, shunn [...]

    • Belle lived with her father and two sisters on their farm. Belle loves to read romances and dreams of falling in love. Belle’s father was a dreamer and inventor but he wasn’t successful and had used all family money and had to sell their farm. Adam had bought their farm who is a local recluse. Adam is badly scarred by a terrible childhood accident. The people of the community have come to call Adam the Beast and that's basically how he acts. But he has been scarred not only physically but em [...]

    • 4.5 starsA book inspired by Beauty and the Beast and a marriage of convenience story? This is the easiest way to ensnare this reader! I am a sucker for fairy tales, romance, and the simple life. Belle delivers! In all my years as a bookworm, I've never stayed up till 4:30 AM and if I'm listening to an audiobook, in all honesty, they put me to sleep if I listen late at night. It doesn't matter how into the story I am. It just happens! That wasn't the case here. In spite of the fact that I didn't [...]

    • Sarah Price has started a new series of Amish Fiction based on well-known fairy tales. The first one is a modern-Amish retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Belle is the youngest daughter of Melvin Beiler and the one who does most of the work around the house while Melvin works on his inventions. Little do Belle and her sisters know is that their father has frittered away his money on his newest invention and the mortgage is about to come due.Adam Herschberger is a man scarred from a fire that kill [...]

    • Belle is an Amish retelling of the classic story of Beauty and the Beast and it lives up to its expectations.Belle Beiler lives with her dad and two older sisters on their farm in Echo Creek. Her father is a dreamer who loves to invent things from new tools to outdoor grills. When an adventure to a neighboring town goes awry, he must tell his girls that he is broke and soon they will lose their farm. Their neighbor Adam, who is known as The Beast due to a horrific childhood accident, has offered [...]

    • This was the first book I had read from this author and I was really excited to see an Amish twist on Beauty and the Beast. The book started of relatively slow, with a fair amount of repetitiveness in the way Belle experienced the world and to be honest just not that much going on in general. She also had way to much optimism with pretty much everything bring her joy or some other form of small happiness. Not that this isn't good I'm not quite a gremlin that wants to see just bad things happen t [...]

    • Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the BeastBy Sarah PriceA huge bravo goes out to Sarah Price for her book Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I don't care how old a girl/woman is, we all need to read a few fairy tales to be reminded that there is a happily ever after! Sarah Price has taken this wonderful tale and crafted it into a sweet story that fits perfectly into an Amish community. Her use of scriptural verses and stories throughout the text bring a rich Biblical prese [...]

    • Paperback: 5 STARS!Audiobook: 5 StarsThis book contained so many of my romance favorites, such as marriage-of-convenience, enemies-to-love, a re-telling, a brooding and broken hero, and a strong faith thread. Although Beauty and the Beast is probably my least favorite fairytale, I do love modern adaptations of it. Sarah Price removes the "magic" that runs rampant within Disney's version and writes an authentic romance between an unfairly judged broken man and an altruistic woman who seeks to fol [...]

    • What has she gotten herself into was the one thing Belle wondered?Belle knew she would not go back on her word but hoped and prayed God would guide her through this time in her life. Adam is better off alone but when he see something that catches his eye he knows that its only in his dreams. As things start to play he wonders what he has gotten himself into. Can they both survive the mess they just got into or are the better off walking away?Sarah did not disappoint with this book. While I was a [...]

    • I received a free ARC through ---I rather enjoyed this retelling Beauty and the Beast while tying it into the Amish lifestyle and views. The book also introduces us to other characters who's story will definitely be explore in other books and are for sure retelling of other well known fairy tales (Snow White, Cinderella, etc).I think Belle and Adam make a lovely couple. After Belle promises to marry Adam in order to allow her family to continue living on the farm, things get a lot interesting. B [...]

    • A copy of this review can be found at Book Ink Reviews.Thank you for NetGalley, Sarah Price, and Kensington Books for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.A sweet retelling of Beauty and the Beast with an Amish twist, Price delivers a cozy little read. It isn't much different from the original--just minus the magic and the actual Beast form. Instead, it focuses on a man who was a burn victim as a child and grew increasingly mean and reclusive as his Amish community ridiculed him.Thankfu [...]

    • I won this book as a FirstRead.Belle lives with her father and two older sisters on their struggling family farm. Adam, known to the townspeople as the Beast, has lived his life as a recluse after a fire left with scars. When Belle's father crashes their buggy, and the horse dies, he realizes he has no choice but to sell the farm to pay off his debts. Adam agrees to buy it and gives the family 3 weeks to move. Belle goes to Adam to try to bargain with him to find a way for her family to stay on [...]

    • I enjoyed reading “Belle” by Sarah Price. It is written in the theme of the old story “Beauty and the Beast”, but as an Amish fable. I thought that the theme might be contrived or senseless, but I thought Ms. Price did a good job of incorporating the beauty and beast story. I thought that her characters were not stereotyped from the original, but really quite refreshing. I needed a lighthearted novel to lighten my mood and this was it. I am looking forward to the next in the series, “E [...]

    • Belle is Kind of like the mix of Cinderella with the stepmother who watches and favors her daughters over Belle – and Beauty & The Beast – she volunteers to marry the villages man with the scars and not so gentle ways. Why you ask does she do the this ? To save her families farm. How does this save her family's farm you may ask? Well you have to read the book - AnyWho – Belle Marries the beast and she cleans up his disaster of his place and what happens you may ask? Well let me tell yo [...]

    • Sarah Price's "Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast" (An Amish Fairytale #1) is exactly what it claims to be, an Amish Beauty and the Beast. Sweet Annabelle Beiler agrees to marry the disfigured recluse Adam Herschberger in order to save her family's farm. Disney's Belle may have had a rose, but Amish Belle has Sunflowers! Belle's understanding of the bible and Christ's teachings give her the strength to see beyond Adam's scars (physical, emotional and spiritual) and help him and he [...]

    • I am a lover of Beauty and the Beast so when I came upon this book on Netgalley I decided to give it try. What I wasn't expecting was to enjoy this book as much as I did. Thank you to Netgalley for an ebook copy of this cleverly written story in exchange for an honest review. The author did a great job adapting the well known story into a different story involving the many of the same things that were in the original.I loved the way other storybook characters were written into this story and the [...]

    • Anyone who knows me, knows I love Beauty and the Beast. I even met my husband because of the original tv show version of Beauty and the Beast! A retelling set in Amish country?! A must read!!!This is the first in a new series by Sarah Price. I liked that she foreshadowed upcoming books with the characters in this book. This version of Beauty and the Beast has Belle trying to figure out a way for her family to stay on the farm that is now owned by Adam, an enigma in town who has scarring on his f [...]

    • "Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"A nice, sweet clean read set in an Amish community. The pace is slow, really slow, yet I found the story enjoyable, although quite predictable and preachy sometimes.The scarred grumpy hero – sometimes too grumpy, throwing tantrums – is an added bonus. His hidden kindness is also quite intriguing and appealing. Belle is just the right woman to heal him and make him open up.Although I enjoyed the depiction of the Amish lifestyle, I [...]

    • I have read Christian Romances in the past but this was my first Amish Christian Romance and the first romance I’ve ever read by Sarah Price. In this Beauty and the Beast retelling, Belle lives with her father and two sisters and her father is an inventor whose many failed inventions have caused them major debt. So Adam, after listening to Belle’s father’s woes one dreary day, decides to buy their farm. Belle then agrees to marry Adam so her father and sisters would not have to move and/or [...]

    • This is the first book I have read from Ms. Price (even though I have all her Amish Classics series on my kindle) and the first Amish romance I've ever read. It's a retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in the Amish community and I have to say that I liked it. Our hero is very brooding after a tragic accident where his mother died and he got severely burned. Our heroine is very bookish and way too nice for her own good. I really did enjoy this book and now I want to go start her Amish Classics s [...]

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