The Monkey Wrench Gang

The Monkey Wrench Gang Ed Abbey called The Monkey Wrench Gang his novel a comic extravaganza Some readers have remarked that the book is a comic book than a real novel and it s true that reading this incendiary call

  • Title: The Monkey Wrench Gang
  • Author: Edward Abbey
  • ISBN: 9780061129766
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ed Abbey called The Monkey Wrench Gang, his 1975 novel, a comic extravaganza Some readers have remarked that the book is a comic book than a real novel, and it s true that reading this incendiary call to protect the American wilderness requires than a little of the old willing suspension of disbelief The story centers on Vietnam veteran George Washington HaydEd Abbey called The Monkey Wrench Gang, his 1975 novel, a comic extravaganza Some readers have remarked that the book is a comic book than a real novel, and it s true that reading this incendiary call to protect the American wilderness requires than a little of the old willing suspension of disbelief The story centers on Vietnam veteran George Washington Hayduke III, who returns to the desert to find his beloved canyons and rivers threatened by industrial development On a rafting trip down the Colorado River, Hayduke joins forces with feminist saboteur Bonnie Abbzug, wilderness guide Seldom Seen Smith, and billboard torcher Doc Sarvis, M.D and together they wander off to wage war on the big yellow machines, on dam builders and road builders and strip miners As they do, his characters voice Abbey s concerns about wilderness preservation Hell of a place to lose a cow, Smith thinks to himself while roaming through the canyonlands of southern Utah Hell of a place to lose your heart Hell of a place to lose Period Moving from one improbable situation to the next, packing adventure into the space of a few weeks than most real people do in a lifetime, the motley gang puts fear into the hearts of their enemies, laughing all the while It s comic, yes, and required reading for anyone who has come to love the desert.

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    • Edward Abbey

      Edward Paul Abbey 1927 1989 was an American author and essayist noted for his advocacy of environmental issues, criticism of public land policies, and anarchist political views.Abbey attended college in New Mexico and then worked as a park ranger and fire lookout for the National Park Service in the Southwest It was during this time that he developed the relationship with the area s environment that influenced his writing During his service, he was in close proximity to the ruins of ancient Native American cultures and saw the expansion and destruction of modern civilization His love for nature and extreme distrust of the industrial world influenced much of his work and helped garner a cult following.Abbey died on March 14, 1989, due to complications from surgery He was buried as he had requested in a sleeping bag no embalming fluid, no casket His body was secretly interred in an unmarked grave in southern Arizona.

    365 thoughts on “The Monkey Wrench Gang

    • This tale of four "goldamn envirn-meddlers" is one of the least compelling stories I've ever read. I put off picking up the book until just before bedtime, and that one or two paragraphs I managed to read sure did wonders for lulling me into unconsciousness. The parts I did stay awake for only served to piss me off. The hypocrisy of these eco-terrorists is laughable. They motor up and down the very highways they rage against, burning massive amounts of fossil fuels in the commission of their pro [...]

    • Yes, it's an iconic work of anarchy and environmentalism, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth the read. This book is hilarious. Like most other American nature writers, Abbey was a bit of a self-important pig (I can't stand Farley Mowat, though maybe he's Canadian); unlike most other American nature writers, he has a sense of humor about it. The characters are grizzled and absurd, their actions are grandiose and delusional, and I felt a strong sense of solidarity and sympathy the whole way that [...]

    • I had a tough time getting through this book. Every character had basically the same personality and the story just rambles and rambles. People seem to love Edward Abbey for his out-there ideas, but they don’t do much for me at this time.

    • In recent times, Al Gore has credited Rachel Carson (The Silent Spring) for introducing environmental concerns into his nascent consciousness, but it is a work of fiction not fact, Edward Abbey's "Monkey Wrench Gang", published first in 1975, which is regarded as having inspired a new generation of angry young environmental activists to the practice of extreme sabotage, sometimes called terrorism, for the sake of protecting the earth. For this reason, I recently reread this novel. I was interest [...]

    • Giving this book 5 stars would probably put me on some sort of a list, but let's be honest: I'm already on that list. If you're at all concerned about the environment, this is a pretty good book to read. It was the inspiration for Earth First! (The exclamation point is part of the name of the organization, the real end of the sentence follows this parenthetical). But the great part about this book is that it isn't a boring didactic screed. Instead, it's a hilarious comedy/adventure novel. To giv [...]

    • I blame reading this book at an inappropriately young age (9 or 10?) for the violent gag reflex that occurs whenever I smell patchouli, as well as the involuntary "NOOOOOOO" that I surprise myself with every time a ratty college do-gooder accosts me with a clipboard and a jaunty, "do you have a minute for the environment?"Also, the surfeit of clunky, unshaven, back-of-the-VW-with-a-dog-looking-on-from-the-front-seat sex that occurs every second or third chapter couldn't have been good for my ove [...]

    • This novel has all the same elements that make Edward Abbey's non-fiction so compelling: the depth of his knowledge and emotions about the desert landscapes of Utah and Colorado, his poetic descriptions of same, and his eloquent condemnation of the loss of this wilderness for the sake of city-dwelling, industrial man.This book has all of that on display in droves, but also it highlights some of his weaknesses: smart-assey movie dialogue, rampant sexism and a love of bad puns. His four protagonis [...]

    • When I was about 12 years old, my dad took my sister and me camping in Southeast Utah. We took my dad's Ford truck with four wheel drive to Canyonlands National Park and went on various roads, back roads, dirt roads, and roads that were barely roads at all. We bumped around the slick rock of Ernies Country, and went up a narrow and twisty dirt road with a sheer cliff on one side. It terrified my sister and I so that we buckled into the middle seat together and sang hymns the whole way down. We c [...]

    • A modern day classic and still capable of stirring up people on both sides of the issue. Provocative,descriptive,sarcastic, humorous, engrossing and angry are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing Edward Abbey's most well known book. I do not consider myself a radical or hardcore environmentalist. I'm too much a product of the modern era for that. I ,and those I love, have benefited from the modern world and "evil" technology (modern medicine, computers and so on). However I [...]

    • Ed Abbey called The Monkey Wrench Gang, his 1975 novel, a "comic extravaganza." Some readers have remarked that the book is more a comic book than a real novel, and it's true that reading this incendiary call to protect the American wilderness requires more than a little of the old willing suspension of disbelief. The story centers on Vietnam veteran George Washington Hayduke III, who returns to the desert to find his beloved canyons and rivers threatened by industrial development. On a rafting [...]

    • This book is a great American Classic. It is impossible to fully describe its influence.I love reading the comments about Abbey. He just pissed off everybody. This was when the so-called "environmental" movement in this country had balls and snark. Now, it's pot-lucks and social events, getting anything done as an afterthought. It's "being professional"=lobotomy. Ed walked the land and knew the land. He knew the critters like they were his friends. He read the sky. He was about our AMERICAN LAND [...]

    • Edward Abbey was my dad's favorite author. We once stayed at a place near Moab, Utah called Pack Creek Ranch. Our cabin butted up against Abbey's former shack, where he did his writing. Somehow it has taken me 10 years to pick up one of his books, and I'm so glad I did. The Monkey Wrench Gang makes even the most law abiding citizen (such as myself, haha) want to pour sand into the gas tank of a bulldozer. The book revolves around a plot to blow up Glen Canyon Dam, the travesty that drowned the c [...]

    • OK I'll try not to say what other reviewers have said. First of all, I loved the drama, the ideas, the characters, but I didn't buy the ending at all so I deducted a star. The other star was deducted because of the at times clunky writing and I think the character's histories merited further discussion. First what I liked: The plot is riveting, to the point of agonizing. You just want them to call it quits and save themselves! It can get a little bogged down in technical descriptions. Stylistica [...]

    • Here's where my reading practice paid off: By avoiding the hype of what others say and have said about the author, I enjoyed his art in what I can only hope is how he originally had hoped it would hit his readers. Having read Desert Solitaire and a couple of brief interviews with the man, I was still shocked by the skillful quality of literature this book represents. It is not conventional in any way, in fact the four "protagonists" are all deeply flawed in many moral dimensions, including crimi [...]

    • The summer after I graduated from college I spent a lot of time out west, roaming the country between Salt Lake City, Utah and the beautiful park land nearby; Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and a personal childhood favorite of mine, Goblin Valley, where the shadows cast by the rocks in the twilight evoke ghoulish figures creeping up on you from all sides. I love these landscapes, so different from the Connecticut hills I grew up in – the colors, smells, and emotions of the American West are someth [...]

    • There are two ways to review this book.One, as a novel. Edwards Abbey writes a blazing, funny, madcap zany story of a group of four anarchist friends, hell-bent to stop the development of the southwest wilderness by crushing dams, bridges, power plants and anything else they can. On the run from the local Mormon do-gooder Search&Rescue crew, the FBI, the National Park Service and anybody else they run into, the quartet is likeable, entertaining and extremely enjoyable.The dialogue is massive [...]

    • We are reading this in my book club. So far I want to punch myself in the face. Hard. As hard as I possible can. Cartoon-like storyboard, self-important hippies that drive cars that use gas and miss the irony of that act, sexist men, hippies that talk about saving the environment as a "I care about stuff more than you, look at me I am such 'rebel' and everyone who disagrees is the Man" masturbation technique, annoying tense shifts, hippies, 7th grade creative writing descriptions of scenery, and [...]

    • Genteel Doc Sarvis, solid and faithful (though patently unfaithful in marriage) Seldom Seen Smith, wild George Hayduke and breathtakingly pretty if directionless Bonnie Abbzug make an unlikely band of eco-activists/bandits with questionable motives in this book perhaps loosely based on an actual group of bandits running around blowing up things they thought ecologically unsound in the 1970s.Despite lots of action-packed sequences, this book really took me forever to get through. I started it in [...]

    • I grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina in a small city notable for its hippies and weirdos and just a hop, skip and jump away from a university where Edward Abbey taught English and raged against machines for a minute or two. My dad was pretty environmentally motivated. And I'm pretty sure "The Monkey Wrench Gang" made its way into dinner conversation several times in my youth. This may have been why I never read it as a teenager* like the rest of my friends did.I remember when a b [...]

    • I put this on my reading list because it's ground zero of the Earth First! environmentalist movement, the vandalism as civil disobedience. And I am not an Earth Firster, tree spiker, SUV dealership destructor, rescuer of bunnies from cosmetic labs, kind of girl. But how who doesn't not love virgin stands of redwoods and the wide, wide, endless sky of the American west and the watersheds of the Colorado? There was no doubt that this author loved the American west, knew the plateaus and cliffs, th [...]

    • pretty disappointed by this actually. like, the writing was good and I liked the style a lot, and I feel like I should have liked this (environmental vigilantes! exciting chase scenes!) but honestly I couldn't get past the racism and sexism. edward abbey is like the kind of anarchist white dudebro who would unironically say that fight club is their favorite movie. I think I would have liked this a lot more too if the characters weren't all terrible (and racist). the only girl character was shitt [...]

    • Kind of disappointing after reading Abbey's 'Desert Solitaire' (a nice piece of nature writing) This book was recommended to me by several friends who are avid cyclists and environmentalists. I thought i would enjoy the tale of these four 'eco-avengers' blowing up bridges and sabotaging construction sites. Instead I was bored by the writing and upset by Abbey's unabashed sexism and racism.

    • Abbey's descriptions of the American badlands are at times vivid and stark, and his passion for nature really shines through. One of the key flaws for me was the one dimensional set of main characters, two of which I couldn't tell apart unless by name and the other two whose defining features were that one of them was the only woman in the group and the other was a doctor, referred to as "Doc" at every turn. Other than a few edge-of-the-seat moments where the gang destroy bridges or high tail it [...]

    • Abbey is my favorite author and MWG is a gem. It was wonderful to spend some time with Doc, Hayduke, Smith, and Abbzug again. I wish

    • I took this one on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. It was the perfect read for the setting -- or would have been if I'd have been able to read more than 2 - 3 pages each night before the sun set (headlamp batteries must be saved for emergencies). And if I were a guy. And it were still the 70s or maybe 80s. I love Abbey's Desert Solitaire so much, but something about this novel rubbed me the wrong way at times. Mostly the childish, objectified Bonnie. Also, the radical "save the earth by [...]

    • One of my three favorite books of all time, or at least one of the three that I tend to push on any of my friends who read. It is first and foremost a flat out fun book to read. Though I had little in common with the characters, and wasn't necessarily predisposed toward their political views [I probably share most of their viewpoints and values, but their issues aren't necessarily my priorities:], I liked and identified with them all and became immensely caught up in the plot. In addiion to bein [...]

    • Let me start by stating that I have been hesitating quite a while between granting this book the fourth star or not. Eventually I leave it at three, because I have found it somewhat irritating, tiring, maybe boring. On the other hand it has great qualities. A bit of story: I come to this book thanks to a review of books with ecologists in action only to discover that it was written in 1975 and has served to add a new phrase to the English vocabulary: monkey wrench --just as the French word sabot [...]

    • Let me just say I don't advocate blowing up dams. especially considering where I live, or driving heavy machinery over a cliff. Nonetheless it is difficult to feel anything but admiration for Edward Abbey's tale of misfit environmental terrorists. Vietnam veteran George Washing Hayduke III return to his beloved southwest only to see that it is being destroyed by corporate greed. He joins together with a band of misfits to fight back. What entails is a funny story mixing action adventure with Abb [...]

    • This book is the story of four memorable characters- a foul-mouthed Vietnam vet, a redneck, a doctor, and a nurse (I think?)- who decide to travel the country and blow things up. Specifically, things like bridges, railroads, and dams; anything that they believe to be harmful to nature has to go. So essentially what we have here is Fight Club for hippies, which is exactly what I expected, being that I first heard about this one from Chuck Palahniuk himself in one of his essays. What makes The Mon [...]

    • this book was fine, not great. the characters are really static and represent extremes of personality mostly, which wasn't very realistic and got a bit annoying by the end. the action throughout the book was always the same since the mission was to basically destroy stuff to help save the environment. i couldn't help but be critical of that approach to "solving" environmental problems since it has no lasting, meaningful effect besides pissing people off. there were some funny/witty parts and abb [...]

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